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yankeecountess replied to your post:My 10 year reunion is this weekend.  …

high school or college? My college’s 10 year was last year, and only 10 of us went to it ;oP (granted, I went to a small liberal arts school, BUT STILL)

High school. I would only go if someone paid me and it would have to be a significant sum. Like enough to pay off a good chunk of debt. lol 

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Last week I said I wanted to go back to 2004 and suddenly I am bumping into a lot of people I hung out with around 2004… that’s not really what I meant by wanting to go back to then. 

My 10 year reunion is this weekend. 

Response: What are things I am stay 1000 miles away from…

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  • Where You Lead (I Will Follow)
Where You Lead (I Will Follow) by Jessie Mueller & Dillon Kondor
Live for Buzzfeed

Jessie Mueller sings Gilmore Girls’ theme song "Where You Lead" with Carole King’s grandson, Dillon Kondor.

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